GREAT GIFT - Best Premium Car Trunk Organizer

USA PROMART Premium Car Trunk Organizer & Free Cooler Bag- GREAT GIFT FOR MEN AND WOMEN – Auto Cargo Storage case -Perfect for your car, SUV, Truck ,RV ,Minivan ,and Groceries Organization.

BEST QUALITY AT THE BEST PRICE: Our premium auto cargo storage container is made of extremely durable, heavy duty, 600D Polyester material that promises to last. Featuring a special padded bottom, this durable car tailgate organizer provides extra security for your road tools, work equipment, groceries, auto or pet travel accessories.Stop wasting tons of money on unreliable SUV trunk organizers that fail you after the first few weeks.

VERSATILITY AT ITS FINEST: Our cool, vehicle trunk storage box is a great way to keep all your vehicles (SUV, RV, car, Camper, Jeep, Minivan, Truck) clean and tidy at all times. why not use it to organize your garage and garden tools or carry your groceries or camping accessories safely! Featuring strong, non-slip strap handles with comfortable grips, it allows for effortless transport, while the heavy duty eye hole makes it easy to clip onto the back of your car for increased stability.

CONVENIENT & SPACE SAVING: With a size of 23.5″(60 cm) x 15(37 cm) x 12 inches (32 cm), this highly practical minivan trunk organizer is one of the largest on the market and offers the perfect storage solution for all your supplies. It can also be folded in half for your convenience, thus saving you precious space in the garage, car interior, home or garden. Featuring waterproof, spill resistant materials, it is easy to clean in a whiz!

UNIQUE & STYLISH DESIGN: With a USA vintage flag on both sides, don’t be surprised if everyone starts asking you where you bought it! Carry this cool, stylish SUV cargo organizer tote in your vehicle and make a powerful statement, wherever you go!

FREE COOLER BAG: Benefit from this unique offer and get an amazing cooler bag completely FREE! Great for carrying your drinks and food to work or during your travels, this stylish cooler bag can be used with the automotive organizer or separately!

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Video Review:

The trunk organizer comes packaged in just a plastic bag and it’s very flat, just an inch or so thick as when not in use you can fold it up for easy travel and storage. The bag has plastic buckle style clips that hold it flat for you as well. There’s also a decorative flag on the front which I very much like the looks of.

I put everything inside of the portable storage case for cars and it fit great with room to spare, now everything stays in place and I’ve not had to clean anything up since I started using it. I also found it’s great as a car trunk organizer for groceries too. Normally I put like the eggs and bread up on the seat to keep them safe, but now I can set them in the organizer since there’s room and they’re safe and I don’t have to climb over to get the bags anymore.

As a bonus they also included a small collapsible cooler that’s large enough to hold a six pack and an an ice pack. It’s black nylon with a sturdy zipper and inside is a shiny thermal material. The cooler is actually really nice and sturdy.


There’s really not much more to say, I absolutely love this thing, I can’t see myself not having one now.

This organizer is very well made and sturdy and it looks great and it has plenty of room for all of my stuff.

I can highly recommend getting one of these as it’s just extremely useful.

+Very well made
+Looks great
+Extremely useful


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I love everything about it, it's a life saver; you guys should see my trunk now, well organized with more space for groceries.
Very pleased with the size and quality of the organizer! Love the organizer!

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